Note: The title's translation is "Anubis and the Path of 7 Sins". However, its original Dutch name is used here since it is used on other sites more often.


Several women are turned to stone via failing one of the 7 sins task, and one of them is turned to stone kissing the villain.

The sins in question are Wrath, Lust, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony, Greed and Rage.


Throughout the movie, the main characters must pass tasks involving the 7 deadly sins. Failing any of these tasks results in turning to stone.

In one scene during the task of lust, a bunch of nymphs are beckoning towards a man. One of the women, realizing it's a trap, pushes the man out of the way before he can kiss one of the nymphs. In the process, she bumps into the nymph and turns to stone. Later in this movie a man and another woman are turning to stone when the fail to escape a cave, during the task of sloth. Another woman also turns to stone after kissing a man. Another man is turned to stone, via touch of a hand. A fourth man is turned to stone failing the task of gluttony by eating a jam cookie. One final woman is turned to stone failing the task of greed by taking a necklace.