A young girl turns partway into a doll.


In this episode, her friend (Melissa) is looking for her missing friend (Susan) when she steps through a magic door in the attic. In the dining room of this hallway, she sees her aunt through the window, and realizes she's in the dollhouse. Also in the dining room is her missing friend, who looks like a porcelain doll. Her eyes are big and blue and staring, and half of her mouth is frozen.

The girl goes back to get help, but the magic door is missing. She pounds on the blank wall and sees that her hands are starting to pale and look doll-like. She goes to find the dollhouse's attic, but finds it blocked by a heavy bookcase.

Asking her friend for help, but her friend silently pulls her left hand out of its socket -- as it is completely porcelain. The girl goes back to the bookcase and shoves it over, then checks upstairs. She helps her friend up to the attic, but by now, her friend is staring blankly and moving stiffly. Her hand even falls out of its socket again. She sets her in a corner (the friend stares blankly and doesn't move even), and the girl opens the magic door in the dollhouse's attic. She sees the yard below, as she would see it from the real attic, and, lacking any other recourse, she falls through it with her friend. They reunite with the girl's aunt and uncle, and show no ill effects of the dollhouse.




Descriptions taken from:-

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