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The new ASFR Master List ProjectEdit

As many in the community know, the ASFR Master List hasn't been updated for a long time, so I have decided to take that on and continue it.

It will also be community updated, as many people have requested.

But, what is ASFR?Edit

Our community is about any process that involves a human who has been either willingly or unwillingly turned into any kind of inanimate object. This will include transformations into statues, mannequins, dolls, robots, timestop, ice, and other transformations, such as gold, wood...

This process can be pictured in several different media, such as cartoons, live-action movies, or videogames.

Our goal is to compile a master list of all the media with these transformations.

Types of ASFREdit

There are a large variety of transformations, freezes, and other transformations that fall under the umbrella of ASFR. Here on ASFR Wiki, we've decided to break subjects into four main categories: Statues, Ice, Flat, and Time Stop. The list below contains brief descriptions of these categories.


Statue transformations occur when a victim is willingly or unwillingly transformed into a statue of any material. This includes stone, gold, glass, wax, sand, and so on. The key difference between a statue transformation and something such as time stop and ice freezing is that the victim has completely transformed into a 3D inanimate object made of a non-flesh material as opposed to being an immobilized human being or being transformed into a 2D object like a painting. Statues are typically made of stone but can be made out of many other materials such as gold, wood, chocolate, and more.


Ice freezes occur when a victim is frozen in place due to extremely cold temperatures under a thin layer of snow or ice; encased in a block of ice; or frozen by some technological means, as is frequently depicted in science fiction. The victim is not transformed, but is left immobilized nevertheless.


Flat transformations occur when the victim is either trapped in or transformed into a 2D object such as a painting, mirror, playing card, and so on.

Time StopEdit

As the name implies, in this category, the victim is frozen in place due to the stoppage of time. This can be when time is stopped for everyone, a large number of people, or just a single person.

To-do listEdit

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ASFR MediaEdit

Here are the different types of media that contain ASFR scenes.  Each subcategory of media is listed under a different larger category.

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