Two girls are turned into statues by a "music spell" cast by a flute. The spell's projectile (a green, snake-like stream) starts surounding them and then the petrification effect begins, from feet to head. The resulting statues have a shocked/confused expression, their texture is slighlty rough and their colour changes depending on the lights around them (in the petrification scene it's more grayish; in other scenes, it has some touches of green).

Later, the witch that turned them into statues is turned into one herself after she tries to use the same spell on other people. The effect is quite similar, although the statue looks a lot more marblish.


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This scene is quite decent, although there's nothing remarkable about it. Typical pose, typical texture.  3/5 asfr11
"A good scene with great victims and poses. However, the lack of consistency in the texture (sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't, sometimes it changes depending on the shot, etc) hurts it." 3/5 StoneLad