• The watch.
  • Josie notices everything is frozen in time.
  • Josie notice the creepy janitor, a character with a misterious background, who, as we see later, is pretty important in the series.
  • Josie waves her hand in front to him just to sure if he is frozen too.
  • He does.
  • Vaughn Pearson, Josie's friend, and his father, Victor Pearson, benefactor of the school, talks about a strange ball with unknown properties.
  • Josie stops time to bring back the ball.
  • She's upset cause that ball were hers and Vaughn stole it to give it to his father.
  • Vaughn Pearson's frozen expression.
  • Victor Pearson's frozen stare.
  • Josie uses a random metal ball to make an exchange.
  • The exchange.
  • Some misterious shadow person sees Josie.
  • Josie noticed the strange pressence, but there's no one.
Black Hole High is a Canadian science fiction television program which first aired  in October 2002. It is set at the fictional boarding school of the title, where a Science Club (five students and their teacher) investigates mysterious phenomena, most of which is centered on a wormhole located on the school grounds. Spanning four seasons, the series developed into a success, and has been sold to networks around the globe.

As part of the misteries that the students face to, there is one episode with the timestop concept called "Stopwatch". In that, Josie, the main character, get a watch that acquires the ability to stop time, which she uses to take back the Chi ball that Victor stole in 1977. However, when her watch breaks, Lucas ends up saving her when he realizes that the watch does not stop time, merely slow it down greatly. The damaged parts are spun on a high-speed centrifuge, bringing Josie back to normal. However, her clone, who has obtained the stopwatch, stops time again and gives the Chi ball back to Victor.

There are several scenes where time stopping, where the main character interacts with frozen subjects, in that episode appear female and males subjetcs.


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