Getting Started

Looking to help us out but not sure where to start?  You should start by reading all of the below pages.

  • Example Page: This page should be used as a guide on how to lay out pages that detail ASFR scenes. Definitely a must read!
  • Articles in Need of Help: Notice all of those weird looking notifications at the bottom of certain articles? This page contains information on how to clean up articles with quality concerns, and the subpages within it tell you how to mark articles with those notifications yourself!
  • Article Claims List: This page contains a list of future articles for scenes not yet on the wiki but are being worked on. Use this as a guide on pages which you should avoid starting up since other people are already working on them - or use it to claim your own future article!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that have either already been asked multiple times or questions that one may be think about asking when first starting out.

Question: "Do I have to be a member of wikia to help out?"

Answer: Nope! Feel free to contribute anonymously! However, just make sure you abide by the guides we've set up, and it wouldn't hurt to keep up to date on the official discussion thread on Medusa Project Online. Of course, we'd be happy to have you as a member!

Question: "Are only select people allowed to make edits on the wiki?"

Answer: For most pages, no - anybody can make edits. However, there are a few pages that do not allow editing. These are typically pages such as this one which provide instructions for users.

Question: "How do I add templates/notifications to the bottom of a page?"

Answer: To add a template to a page, type {{TemplateNameHere}} with "TemplateNameHere" obviously being the name of the template you're adding. Some useful templates include the following:

  • {{Stub}} - This marks incomplete articles.
  • {{NoImages}} - This marks articles without images.
  • {{NoVideo}} - This marks articles without videos.
  • {{LowResPhotos}} - This marks articles with low resolution images.
  • {{LowResVideo}} - This marks articles with low resolution videos.
  • {{BrokenLinks}} - This marks articles with broken links.

You can find out more about these at the Articles in Need of Help page.