1. What is this about?
  2. How about the Victim?

What is this about?EditEdit

A more unique form of ASFR transformation compared to others, where the transformed victim does not inherit the fragility of other materials, albeit the fact that victims who are transformed into metal will still be rendered immobile.

As one would expect from the surface of any metal (regardless of its worth), the material which the victim's body is transformed into will gain a certain degree of reflectiveness, making them highly distinguishable from other statues as they tend to "shine brighter" than others. Materials can range from iron, steel, chrome, gold, copper, bronze and etcetera.

That being said, victims whom underwent this type of transformation not only can be seen as decoration objects, this transformation is unique in a way where transformed victims can also be "utilized" as daily life objects. Metallic objects such as kitchenware, chandeliers, candle holders... and to the most extreme points, even weapons, shields and armors are some of the possible outcomes that the victim can be transformed into by the perpetrator.

How about the Victim?EditEdit

While it is true that (most) metal is far more durable than rocks and crystals, they are not fully invulnerable either. Prolonged usage of metal victims can lead to wear, bend and tear, degrading the quality of the victim's body which can lead to certain complications upon restoration. As for whether the victims can feel their bodies being (ab)used, it highly depends on whether the victim is allowed to feel after they are transformed or not.

On the other hand, metallized victims share the same concern with those that are transformed into ice sculptures - heat. Although metal does not melt under room temperature, metallized victims that are put through intense heat can still have their bodies liquefied, allowing the perpetrator to reshape their body as they please. Care must be taken during this procedure as once a metallized victim is melted via this process, their original forms cannot be restored by common means. 

Note : Victims that are transformed/remodified into becoming cyborgs/androids are not considered to have been transformed into a metal statue, despite the fact that their bodies are (usually) made using the same material.