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What is this about?Edit

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A sexy example of a statute

While the word 'Statue' may point towards the typical end product of any sculptor or artisan, there are other existing methods where a statue can be created using unusual means. Such methods usually involve a victim, regardless of whether he/she is willing or not, being literally transformed into a statue.

Statue transformations are when a victim is willingly or unwillingly transformed into a statue of any material.  This includes stone, gold, glass, wax, sand, and so on.  The key difference between a statue transformation and  something such as time stop and ice freezing is that the victim has completely transformed into a 3D inanimate object made of a non-flesh material as opposed to being an immobilized human being or being transformed into a 2D object like a painting.

How a statue can't be flexible, if a time stop situation harden the body of the victim, this situation can be in the "statues" category.

The Victim's life as a StatueEdit

Common sense dictates that standing still at the same place is boring. That being said, being a statue that is immobilized at the spot for prolonged periods is no fun either.

As a statue can be made up with any kind of materials, end results each transformations may vary, including the victim's state after he/she has been transformed. Usually, the victim would have lost all of the senses he/she possesses as a living being  -  In other words, a statue should be incapable of movement, sight, hearing, thought and feel. As a result, the victim in question's internal clock is 'stopped', effectively preventing the victim from aging, at the cost of the victim losing track of current time and vulnerability.

On the other hand, several ASFR works nowadays may illustrate these unfortunate victims as 'being partially alive', where their minds are still functioning whilst their bodies are no longer made of flesh, blood and bone. Common depictions often involve the victim's clear/dulled train of thoughts about seeing themselves as a statue, a "thing that does not live, yet it simply exists". On top of that, the victim would often try to entertain him/herself in order to avoid boredom and pass time.

Similarly, victims who are still capable of thought may also possess a certain degree of human senses, especially the sense of touch in most erotic works.

Subcategories of StatuesEdit

The following list contains different types of statues that are included under the statue banner.  For more information on each category, visit their respective pages.

The victim's body is turned into stone. Material types include Granite, Marble, Concrete, etc.

The victim's body is turned into metal. Material types include Steel, Chrome, Gold, etc.

The victim's body is turned into glass.

The victim's body is turned into crystal or a gem-like material. Not to be confused with ice crystallization where the victim's body is solidified by very cold temperatures.

The victim's body is turned into a lay figure for displaying clothes.

The victim's body is turned into wax, but not necessarily a mannequin.

The victim's body is turned into wood or a tree with human features.

The victim's body is turned into sand.

The victim's body is rendered edible, turning him/her into a food item. (e.g. Chocolate)

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