1. What is this about?
  2. How about the Victim?

What is this about?Edit


A typical stone statue

Probably the most common form of transformation in the ASFR world, "Petrification" is the process where the victim's body is forcibly converted into stone (regardless of material), leading to the situation where the victim becomes a living statue until he/she is reverted back from its petrified state. 

Many kinds of petrification exists today, where its methods, processes, and results greatly vary based on how the perpetrator carries out the transformation on its victims. For example, the (possibly first existing) method of petrification utilized by Medusa involves transforming her victims into stone by eye contact.

As time progressed, other methods of petrification have surfaced which can involve sorcery, curses, poison, gas, light,  skin contact, and etcetera.

How about the Victim?Edit

Being petrified by any of the existing methods is (generally) a bad thing. Not only the victim is placed into suspended animation when he/she is transformed into a statue, the victim can remain trapped as a statue for an indefinite period of time if the transformation is left unreversed, or is unreversible. Worse yet, the victim, as a statue, can be subjected to many outside elements, leading to corrosion and eventually damages which will complicate matters when the petrified victim is restored from its state.

Furthermore, if brute force is to be applied on the victim's petrified body, the statue will become damaged, increasing the risk of shattering the statue into pieces (a common occurrence in Final Fantasy X) where the broken statue cannot be restored by conventional means, essentially leading to the fact that the victim has 'died' as a statue.

While it is possible to restore a broken statue back to its original state, this type of restoration is not commonly seen. Therefore, extreme care should be exercised to prevent the deaths of petrified victims.