1. What is this about?
  2. How about the Victim?
  3. Minor Controversy

What is this about?Edit

Just as the title itself suggests, Time Stop involves slowing the fabric of time to the point where the victim or everything is virtually 'paused' in place, whereas any unaffected people can freely manipulate the objects around them as they desire.

There are two main types of Time Stop:  one in which the entire world is paused in time except for the user, and one in which time is stopped only for a single victim or group of victims.  Time Stop can be used for various purposes, ranging from gaining an advantage over an opponent during a fight, performing mischievious deeds, and other ethical / unethical conduct.

An interesting thing to note is that the physics behind the Time Stop vary greatly from work to work.  In some works, all victims and objects affected by the stoppage of time will no longer obey to the laws of physics including gravity. In other works, the laws of physics still apply and paused victims can accidentally be tipped over or dropped.  In some scenes, those affected by the Time Stop are paused and cannot be manipulated.  In others, the unaffected person (or people) have the freedom to alter the scene as they desire before the flow of time is restored back to normal.

How about the Victim?Edit

Not much can be said for victims that are frozen when time itself is forced to a standstill. Victims and objects can no longer act accordingly as they are frozen along with time, leaving them vulnerable to those that are not affected by this phenomenon (usually the user him/herself). 

During a time stop sequence, anything and everything can happen to the victims, so long as the user remains in control of time. The after effects will all "catch up" as soon as time resumes its normal flow, where the victims may be subjected into embarassing / dangerous situations as perpetrated by the person capable of stopping time.

In some rare examples, some victims may experience dizziness as soon as time's normal flow is restored, occasionally hinting them that a time stop has occured (which is usually left unnoticed if no visible changes are present to the victims).

Minor ControversyEdit

There is a bit of controversy behind whether Time Stop is actually considered ASFR. Arguments against its inclusion in ASFR include the fact that there is no transformation and the victims can be manipulated and thus are not completely immobilized. Arguments for its inclusion usually point to the fact that both ASFR and Time Stop involve some degree of immobilization.

Usually, Time Stop is included in discussion of ASFR and as such, it is included on ASFR Wiki as well.