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Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is a strategy game, and expansion to Deception IV: Blood Ties. It features traps and abilities that players and enemies can use to freeze each other into ice statues.

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There are six playable characters, and many NPCs to unlock. You can also unlock parts for creating your own NPCs. You can encounter freeze right away by entering Free Battle / Replay Mode, and going to the Icy Hell Gate stage. The Icy Hell Gate features the only freeze based stage traps in the game.

The other methods of freezing must be unlocked by playing Quest Mode. Once unlocked, you can create your own replays and scenarios, making for quality ASFR content.

Usable Freeze Traps Edit

There are three traps the player can use in the game that can be used to inflict freeze, one of them is DLC:

Frozen Arrow - Shoots an ice missile from the wall, freezing the person it makes contact with. They are frozen in their current pose.

Frozen Claw - A bear trap that freezes its victim in place. They are frozen in a struggling pose.

Cube Freezer (DLC) - Drops a chamber from the ceiling that traps the victim, and freezes them in a block of ice, leaving them in a helpless carbonite pose.

The effect doesn't last forever, and the victim will break out after 3 - 10 seconds depending on the trap.

Stage Based Freeze Traps Edit

On the Icy Hell Gate state, you will find 3 freeze based traps. Two of them are Icy floating rocks that will freeze anything that walks in front of them. The other is a mounted Dragon head statue that will breathe freezing breath onto the ground in front of it once the switch (in the corner of the same room it is located) is activated. This switch can be activated with another trap from a distance.

Freeze Abilities Edit

There are enemies that use abilities that can freeze the player solid. The first you see when you encounter the first boss, and others show up later in the Quest Mode.

Frost Wave - Freezes all victims within range of the user. Laegrinna uses this technique if you get too close to her in each of your battles with her in Quest Mode. This ability can be unlocked by the player.

Ice Missile - Ice Sorcerers / Sorceress will charge up and shoot ice missiles at the player, freezing them if it makes contact.

Ice Wand - Ice Sorcerers / Sorceress will swing their frost magic infused wand at the player if they get too close, freezing them if they make contact.

Freezing Cannon - Ice Soldiers will use their freezing cannons to spray frozen air at the player covering a wide range. If it makes contact, the player will be frozen solid.

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