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A Japanese hardcore ryona action game created by 青色ハッキョウダイオード, where an angel named Angelica is sent out to fight the armies of Hell that have been unleashed from the underworld. Each stage inside the game contains a specific theme of punishment that Angelica will fall victim to should she be captured or killed during her duties.

"The Greed" stage, the level dedicated to ASFR (状態変化) EditEdit

In the Greed stage, the theme of this level is "Status Change". As you traverse this level, you will find many NPC angels that are petrified or encased inside an ice crystal, and it is impossible to free them by any means. Further down the road is the "Tower" enemy which fires beams that petrify you once your main character has no armor left. The boss of this stage on the other hand, is capable of releasing blue gas clouds that can freeze your main character into a large shard of crystal.


As mentioned above, you will find many NPC angels that have already been transformed into statues in the Greed stage. A little exploration later and you will find why - the Tower enemy is capable of firing lasers that will petrify you when you have only one hit point left (Angelica has 3 hit points in total, 2 to represent her armor state). When the Tower deals the finishing attack to Angelica, she will struggle for a short moment before succumbing to the petrification effect, much to her horror.

In her statuefied state, should Angelica be attacked by the Tower one more time, she will be inevitably shattered into pieces, sending broken parts of her stone body everywhere on the floor. Note that the same can happen to some of the NPC statues in the level if you couldn't rescue them from being attacked by the Tower in time.

Also, by giving up (Choosing "No" when given the retry prompt, or simply run out of lives) after the Tower destroys the petrified main character, the game will treat you to a Game Over CG of the broken Angelica left out in the snow.

Note that the Boss of the level is also capable of firing petrifying lasers at Angelica.

Ice Encasement

When the Boss's outer crystal layer has been destroyed, it will start using freezing gas clouds instead of petrifying beams as its attacks. Simply said, if a blue gas cloud touches you while Angelica is armorless, she will be immediately encased in an ice crystal.

References (Warning: Very NSFW) EditEdit

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5) NPCs, about to be destroyed ---

6) Collection Room, Part 1 ---

7) Collection Room, Part 2 --- (Note : NPCs are recycled frequently in different states throughout the game)

8) Angelica Frozen ---

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