Piedmon, one of the final villains in the series turns most of the series' main characters, known as DigiDestined, into dolls. Among the ones who're transformed was Angewomon and Sora. He uses a white cloth that transformed everyone which are covered by it into dolls.


The episode 52 of the Digimon Adventure series saw the DigiDestined faces the (apparently) last villains in the series, Piedmon. Being a clown, almost all of his attacks are magic-like including the final act which was the white cloth itself.

It is worth noting that the dolls have a metal key-ring on them, which also enables them to being classified as 'keychains' too. The manga version of Digimon Adventure further confirmed this, but the version didn't have a detailed transformation scene like the anime.


Video - linked straight to the cloth attack


PSP Game Version Edit

In this version, Angewomon is not transformed into a keychain, but Mimi and Palmon become keychains; but, unfortunately, only Tai and Matt are showed.

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