A crosswalk signal monster time stops a lot of people with a beam it shoots out of it's red light.  The victims gain a red hue to indicate they've been stopped.  It also stops Mana (as Cure Heart), who then falls the ground.  Her friend Rikka (who it seems will become a Cure in the next episode) presses a button on the monster's back to release Heart, but gets stopped herself in the process.

Apparently the stopped victims are still conscious of what's going on around them, since we can still Heart and Rikka's thoughts.


Mana's fairy tells her she can't tell anyone about her being a Precure.  She spends the next morning agonizing over having to keep such a big secret from her best friend, Rikka.  When a monster attacks she transforms in front of Rikka, who helps her defeat it.


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Instantly one of my favorite timestop scenes.  The change in color really helps with the effect.  I really like the way Heart falls over, as well as Rikka's pose.  Incidentally I think this has the first Precure in the franchise to get ASFR'd in non-Precure form, if only due to her not yet being one. Ulich
"This is pretty well the only Time Stop scene I've ever enjoyed. The victims are cute, there's an actual effect, and a victim tips over. Overall, it's quite enjoyable." 3/5 StoneLad


Red light, red light