There are multiple situations where players can be frozen or turned to stone.


When players are hit with a freezing attack, they are instantly covered in a bluish white snowy texture and cannot move. Players, pawns, or enemies killed while frozen will shatter instead of collapsing.


Little spots are transformed into stone on their body. As time progresses, the spots spread outward slowly, turning more and more of the victim to light grey stone. As it spreads, the victims become slower and slower. Victims can move their entire body (including transformed parts) until the petrification is complete. While the transformation is occurring, pawns in the player's party yell things such as "Help me!", "I turn to stone!", and "Am I to become...a living statue?"

Upon completion, the body simply ceases to move and the player can do nothing but wait to crumble. Victims can be transformed in virtually any position.


Dragon's Dogma is a 2012 video game released by Capcom for the XBox 360 and Playstation 3.  There's a number of enemies and abilities in the game that petrify or freeze the player.


Freezing can occur fairly early in the game thanks to Snow Harpies in the northern section of the map. Once frozen, you can break out of the attack by shaking the control stick quickly. It can also wear off after a set amount of time. If the killing blow is landed while the victim is still frozen, they will shatter into pieces. Pawns killed this way cannot be revived like normal.

As the Mage or Sorcerer vocations, you can learn numerous ice moves that have a chance of freezing foes. In fact, you can learn a move capable of freezing enemies virtually from the beginning of the game.


Petrification is a late-game status ailment and arguably the most dangerous status ailment in the game. Enemies that cause petrification include Cockatrices, Gargoyles, and Evil Eyes.

Once the player is hit with a petrifying attack, the screen will have a red hue and sound will be muffled much like what happens when the player is low on health. The petrification effect works by making the player increasingly slower as more and more of their body becomes stone.  Once the transformation is complete, the player's statue will shatter resulting in instant death.  For other characters, the statue will remain until it is either hit by an attack and crumbles or after enough time has passed. One of the more notable features of this game's transformation sequences is that players can be petrified in virtually any pose.

You can actually petrify enemies as well. As the Sorcerer, you can learn Petrifaction which creates a fog that has a chance of petrifying enemies. As any bow-wielding class, you can buy or make petrifying arrows late into the game.

The player can also petrify pawns roaming in the overworld (NOT in town) without fear of being thrown in prison. When using petrifying powers on roaming pawns, they will not react and will instead simply continue to walk down the road slower and slower until they are a statue. They also do not shout any of the lines mentioned above and you cannot talk to them while they are transforming.

Finally, you can also petrify yourself by using the Leaden Globe item, which is meant to be used to craft petrifying items.


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"Arguably the best video game ASFR ever. The effect is unique and extremely well done, the dialogue is amazing, the ability to pose in any position is excellent, the slowdown is great, everything about it is amazing...except the crumble effect."  5/5 StoneLad



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