A village full of people is turned to stone by fog. Statues are seen frozen in a scene of panic as they were trying unsuccessfully to escape their fate. Statues have a grey appearance with a hint of brown and have a few small dots to give them a stone-like appearance. The statues do not have irises/pupils. The actual transformation process is never shown, but it can be inferred by their poses that they were aware of their transformation as it occurred.


Dragon Knight is a Hentai OAV that contains an ASFR scene featuring a town filled with statues courtesy a petrifying fog. Unfortunately, there's only one shot of the petrified town.


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"I've never seen the OAV, but I've been assured this is the only shot. It's a shame because the effect and the look on the statues' faces are excellent. As a one-off piece of art, it'd get a 4/5 but as a scene, it's disappointing that this is all there is." 3/5 StoneLad