CA Williamson50Girls50

he stuns the girl then refreezes her knowing it will kill her

Comic books in the 50s dealing with sci- fi and horror themes 50 GIRLS 50 is an issue where a crew is going off to aa faraway solar system as they are in stasis- but one of the crew awakens delibertly it seems even though he was told once revived it would be certain death if he is refrozen but he has hatched a plan with another girl to rule the people- but he decides to take his time before he awakens her he thaws another girls then lies to her- once he has no use for her he refreezes her killing her then thaws out his girl only she turns on him because her lover plans to rule beside her not him but in the end he has the last laugh as he sabotaged the chambers killing the males..
01 weirdscience 20 50girls50 willirgkfritz

he awakens

02 weirdscience 20 50girls50 willirgkfritz

he thaws a girl then lies to her

06 weirdscience 20 50girls50 willirgkfritz

he disposes of the first girl then thaws his queen only to be given a nasty surprise

07 weirdscience 20 50girls50 willirgkfritz

she shoots him stick him in the freezer..

Williamson 50Girls50

colorized version

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