In chapter 107 Lucy, Erza, Mirajane, Juvia, Levy, Bisca and Cana are all turned to stone by Evergreen and basically used as hostages.  The statue effect is pretty nice, but only Lucy's (instant) transformation is shown on happening.  Lots of different shots on the statues, and they stay that way until late in chapter 112.  Except for Erza, who reverted a couple chapters earlier.


Evergreen crashes the Miss Fairy Tail contest and turns all the contestants to stone.  She's working for a guy named Laxus, who threatens to destroy the statues if the rest of the Fairy Tail guild doesn't fight them to determine who's the strongest.  They do so, but eventually Erza reverts and fights Evergreen.  The rest of the girls are reverted after Erza wins.


Review Score User
"Not quite as awesome as seeing it animated, but still one of the best manga petrifications." Ulich
"A great scene with lots of beautiful statues. I honestly prefer the manga version because the statue effect just looks nicer to me. Plus, for most of the frames, the statues lack pupils/irises which is a huge plus for me." 4/5 StoneLad

Other AdaptationsEdit

Fairy Tail (Anime)Edit

The anime reproduced this scene pretty faithfully to the original, thankfully.