Certain enemies have the ability to petrify the main characters. Some Enemies like Demonolith have the ability to petrify the entire party at once , Female playable characters are Yuna , Lulu and Rikku

VideoEdit (Yuna) (Rikku) (Lulu)  (Whole Female Party are Petrified and turned into Stone Statues at once by Demonolith)



- The PC Version is highly Recommended if you want to take screenshots and videos of the statues because it has the "Hide HUD" Option on the fly so it is perfect if you want to take clear screenshots of the statues , Also it has some nice boosters if you want to advance the game and save a lot of time

- The White Magic Ability called "Scan" will give you a clear front view for any petrified character

- Using items (like Potion) or magic skills on Petrified characters will generate a different Camera view and it is randomly generated based on the initial battle camera angle and its location and based on the character placement in the party and based on the sender's placement in the party so you can be sure that you will get a lot of different camera angles for the petrified character

- Equipping a character with the "StoneStrike" ability in his/her weapon will make him/her able to petrify other party members , be sure to initially use the special ability "Aim" if one character is having a high evasion , the characters equipped with "Stonestrike" can petrify themselves

- Monster arena is a great place to start taking some videos and photos but its only problem is that it is limited in its camera angles compared to random encounter battles so after you finish with monster area then i advice to move on different areas around Spira to get a lot of new camera angles

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