There's several petrification scenes in this episode. First, the villain petrifies an unsuspecting bus full of girls and a woman. The victims never notice the transformation and thus look happy and talkative. The villain then moves on to the museum where he petrifies everyone inside. Many of these victims notice the villain prior to their transformation and thus have shocked and surprised looks on their faces.

The actual petrification process is always the same. The villain sends waves out of his eyes that petrify anyone he is looking at. Victims slowly fade from normal to stone. They generally do not change positions during the petrification process. The resulting material is a fairly dark gray color with additional shading and small nicks to give the victims a unique statue look.


In episode 4 of Futari wa Pretty Cure, main characters Nagisa and Honoka are on a class trip to a museum when the villain Pisard shows up and turns almost everyone on the class trip to stone before they can realize what's happening.  He goes on to petrify nearly everyone in the museum before facing Nagisa and Honoka, now in their Cure forms.  Pisard attempts to use a tornado filled with statues as a shield, threatening that if the statues are damaged, the people they used to be will be too.  Nevertheless, Pisard is defeated easily and all statues are returned to normal.

It's worth noting that this is the very first ASFR scene of many in the Pretty Cure series.


Review Score User
"One of my absolute favorite scenes. The added shading and small lines on the statues goes a very long way in making them look like lifeless stone statues. There's also a nice variety of victims and expressions, and the effect lasts for quite a while. Very very nice!" 5/5 StoneLad
"A nice classic. Would be a 5/5 if the protagonists were petrified too. Anyway, it's a must-see." 4+/5 asfr11