Mildred Spencer is a model who contacted the main character Detective Max about a possible ongoing crime. However, she disappeared before able to give a full information. It is later revealed that the crime organization caught her and turns her into a mannequin to avoid the information leak.

The mannequin bore a striking resemblance to the model where layers of plastic coating is visible. Furthermore, the mannequin also wore the same dress as the model. The organization use a "plastic solution spray" device on her that took 20 minutes to harden, turning her into a mannequin.


Get Smart is an American series that was aired from September 1965 to May 1970. It satirized the secret agent series genre that was popular around that time.

In this episode, Max's partner Agent 99 also got sprayed in the latter part of the episode. However Max was able to retrieve her and managed to melt the solution by using a steam bath. The scene however not being shown clearly, with only a shot from the back of the 'mannequin' was visible.


Video by aurobasilisk.


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