Short one-off fantasy webcomic in which a girl volunteers to become a statue so she can spy on the dark lord who's terrorizing her country.

Alana and her boyfriend Luke (elves, if the shape of their ears is anything to go by) sneak into the tyrant Draco's statue gallery, knowing that Draco is scheduled to meet a mysterious associate there within seven days. Luke uses a spell to turn Alana into a conscious living statue so that she can spy on the meeting and hopefully learn how to defeat them. The spell is supposed to preserve Alana's state of mind while petrified, but time and the inability to sleep begin to weigh on her mind. In order to stay sane she begins to play mind games, holding imaginary conversations with one of her neighboring statues. Eventually the long-anticipated meeting arrives, but after Draco and his associate have gone Alana becomes terrified that she has missed the vital clue she needed and starts to lose her grip in earnest. It begins to look as if she'll be completely insane by the time Luke comes to release her.


A 32-page web strip written and drawn by TF artist Ian Samson. Intended to be an excerpt from a longer fantasy story, Idle Minds began in 2006 but underwent a long hiatus before finally being completed in 2008.  Samson is also the creator of the webcomic City of Reality and since 2011 has also been the artist on The Wotch


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The front page (added in 2008) has the tagline "Think you know what life as a statue is like?", which sounds like a deliberate take-that to ASFR fans who think it'd be cool. However, it's clear that Samson has given a lot of thought to the subject - appropriately enough, since as the title suggests, the story is all about thinking. Samson cleverly explores the psychological implications of being unable to do anything except think for days on end. Alana's boredom, her use of imagination, her descent into madness and her possible redemption are all completely convincing. Inevitably the strip is very wordy, but never boring. Samson also manages to keep the story visually interesting - no mean feat, since for the best part of 18 pages there's absolutely nothing happening (at least physically). Samson's signature style is simple and cartoony with some anime influences. There is a bit of cut-and-pasted art near the beginning to show the complete lack of action, but then the artwork becomes more varied as it reflects Alana's thoughts, memories and imagination. In summary: for a story about immobility, this comic has a whole lot going for it. 5/5. Leem10538a
This is a story that works both on an ASFR level and as an all around story about finding your strengths. It's a very enjoyable comic all around and you do care for the main character. With that being said, the art could be a *little* bit better and obviously since the story is more about making a statement than making statues, it's not going to be the best actual ASFR material in the world, but it's definitely more than worth the read. 4/5 StoneLad


Idle Minds comic (pages 1-12 are presented as double-page spreads, the rest are single pages)

Parent gallery on kdingo (NSFW material is flagged)

Ian Samson on deviantART

Ian Samson on Tumblr


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