To find the Blue Rose, a flower which can save the life of princess Amina, Karim must pass the Seven Doors and face the challenges behind them. The fourth challenge is the seductress Kadeejah, who lives in a palace filled with women and the statues of men, who Kadeejah seduced and turned men to stone with a poison. When Karim arrives she tries to turn him to stone also. How ever Karim notices the petrified men and that Kadeejah is poisoning his wine. Karim exchanges the goblets (Kadeejah gets the poisoned one, while Karim gets the one that's not poisoned), and tricks the evil seductress into drinking her own poison. As a result, Kadeejah, to her horror, is turned into a stone statue. The palace begin to shake and crumble, causing the palace's women to flee in terror. Karim manages to proceed to the Fifth Door as he escapes the falling palace which presumably crushes her and eventually sinks into the sea when the scene was transitioned into pouring water.