Wonder Woman gets homesick and reminisces about her mother, and decided to return to Themyscira - her Amazon home - only to find the island is in ruins and all her Amazon sisters had been turned into stone, including her mother.


A sorcerer, Felix Faust is later appeared and claimed to be responsible for turning the Amazons into stone. Pursuing for an artifact, he proceeds to blackmail Wonder Woman into gathering the artifacts where he promises to return the Amazons to normal afterwards. The artfiacts is then used to summon the Lord of the Underworld, who later eventually defeated by Justice League. The Amazons later returned to normal.

There is several scenes of Amazons as a statue throughout both episodes, and in one scene, Faust reverting Wonder Woman's mother - Hippolyta - to normal before turning her back into stone to demonstrate his powers.


Island in ruins and the Amazons as statues


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