1966 Eurospy film also known as (International title) "If All the Women in the World" and (U.S. title) as "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die".

CIA Agent Kelly is investigating industrialist named Ardonian who has a girl on every arm but they have gone missing - and his goons try to bump him off but fail. Meanwhile a lady shows up with her chauffer named James - in actually they are MI-6 spies Susan Flemming and Terry Thomas. Ardonian is interested in her knowing she is a spy. Ardonian meanwhile meets with a agent of the Red Chinese Wilma Soong who arranges a meeting with her bosses. Ardonian kidnaps Susan and takes her to his facilty in the Brazilian jungle. There Ardonian meets with the leadership of the Chinese and explains his plan- he has a element launched in a rocket which would sterilize the population but spare the Chinese. They agree and provide the rocket but he doublecrosses them electrocuring them except Soong who he saves for a fiendish feat. Kell and James infiltrate Ardonian´s hideout and after over hearing what he has in store tells James to bring in the military. Meanwhile Ardonian tries to persuade Susan into joining him but she refuses with good reason as he shows her what happened to the missing girls. They are frozen in suspended animation to be used as breeding stock. Soong reappears - she is drugged and then placed nude in a box and pushed into a machine where she is frozen like the others. Susan tries to escape but Ardonian furious places her in the rocket. Kelly sees Ardonian about to launch the rocket but stops him by shoving him into the machine freezing him but accidently sits on the button launching the rocket but Susan somehow escapes disabling the device saving the day and they decide to marry.