The residents of a village turn into gem statues during the daytime. Most of the close-ups in the chapter involve a girl named Yakouhime. She is seen in several different positions throughout the chapter due to the chapter taking place over the course of several days and nights. There is also an image of a gem girl in a flashback who has been shattered.

The statues are all somewhat dark and have a mixed look between a rough cut and a smoothly cut statue. In other words, some elements of the statue are cut to look exactly like the normal people (Yakouhime's face is mostly smooth cut) while other elements look more crystal-like (Her hair looks like multiple crystals).

At the end of the chapter, the heroine Kurohime removes the curse/power from the people, allowing them to live normal lives.


In chapter 5.5 of Kurohime, Himeko (Kurohime's cursed child form) and her friend Zero are on the run from a bunch of bad guys when they run into the town of the gem people. They are hidden by a girl named Yakouhime who only has time to properly introduce herself before daylight returns, turning herself and every villager into gem statues.

Himeko explains that the village prayed to let the sun's rays make them beautiful. The Sun Goddess accomplished this by turning them into gem statues whenever the sun rises. This quickly became problematic as others used them as objects, smashing the statues to bits and selling their broken bodies as gems. Zero is heartbroken that the bad guys have found the village and may destroy all of them and decides to stay and fend them off until the sun goes back down, much to Himeko's protest. She leaves by herself.

At nightfall, Zero is unable to fight since he has become tired from fighting all day. The villagers return to normal and continue fighting the bad guys after learning from Yakouhime that Zero is trying to help. Himeko overhears Zero say he was fighting both to help the villagers and to give Himeko time to escape. The love Himeko gets from this allows her to transform into Kurohime and fight off the bad guys. She then uses her magic bullets to lift the curse/power of the Sun Goddess so that they may live normal lives.


Review Score User
"It's a very interesting type of transformation since it's not a perfect replica of the victims, but I honestly think it makes the scene better. Plus, Yakouhime is drop dead beautiful! However, it could use more female victims." 4/5 StoneLad


Chapter 5.5 on (Starts at first statue scene)


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