Note: The title is French for The Mask of Medusa


Medusa turns several victims to stone throughout the movie. The first victim is a girl playing the cello in a room with a bunch of animals. She looks into the gorgon's eye and freezes in place. We see her with half of her body turned to stone and then the aftermath of the transformation. A snake is wrapped around the statue's upper body.

Later victims in the film include are a some young male and female adults . The final victim Medusa´s sister Euryale has her throat slit during the transformation. A tear can be seen rolling down her stone face.

Usually, the victim is shown looking into the Medusa´s's eyes. Then, the victim is seen as half petrified (achieved by simply painting half of the victim white and having them try to hold still) and then fully petrified. When fully petrified, the victim is a physical prop with a very convincing stone statue look.


Video by SuddenlyStone (1 of 3)

Video by SuddenlyStone (2 of 3)

Video by SuddenlyStone (3 of 3)


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