A 6-page color Sunday sequence from the long-running comic. Sandra Deepfreeze is an uncharacteristically beautiful girl from the icy, impoverished nation of Lower Slobbovia. Her dream is to become a Hollywood star, but her family can't afford to send her. Nobody can - the country's broke. Then somebody points out that works of art get into the USA for free. All Sandra has to do is stay out all night on the coldest night of the year, which will freeze her into "blue ice".

The plan works perfectly, and the "statue" of Sandra in her fur bikini is sold to a lecherous American millionaire. The millionaire puts Sandra on display at an open-air art competition in Boston, after arranging to have the weather altered so she won't thaw out.

When the judges arrive to inspect the art, they heap loads of praise on ridiculous abstract pieces and laugh at Sandra for actually looking like a real person. It seems she is able to see and hear them while she's frozen, because their remarks make her so angry she heats up and thaws out. Seeing Sandra come to life, the millionaire immediately throws over his fiancée for her.


Li'l Abner is a satirical American newspaper strip by Al Capp, which ran from 1934 to 1977. Wikipedia article here. The Blue Girl storyline seems to be from 1961 - the date can just be made out in the tiny copyright statement on each page.


The complete 6-page sequence has been posted at The Pygmalion Syndrome, courtesy of Taral Wayne. Index to the story here. Warning: some other pages on the site contain nudity and explicit sexual content.


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