Links to other sites ASFR-relatedEdit

These are links to sites that have plenty of ASFR material and discussion. Please note that there is some nudity and adult material in the links below.

Pygmalion Syndrome - Leem10538a's site, featuring his own fiction, related material and caches of older sites -

Reverse Pygmalion - Despite the name, not affiliated with the above. A Tumblr site featuring both real and living statues and portraits of gorgons -

Timestop Bank -

Medusa Project Online ASFR Forums -

Solid Girl, Japanese ASFR Gallery Site (defunct) -

Medusariffic - Drake's ASFR Comic Site -

Naga's Den - TF art, including ASFR, by Naga (Darin Brown) -

Marble Gallery - DeviantART ASFR Group -

Studs in Stone - Dedicated to Male/male ASFR situations -

XXX Multimedia - Freeze Fetish Videos by Fifi Foxx -

Asfr Survey- To define Asfr -

Previous answers to the survey-

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