Like many JRPGs, Lost Odyssey features petrification as a status ailment which can be inflicted on party members by enemies. Once hit, the victim turns to stone, remaining in whichever position they happened to be in when they were hit. This allows for a variety of poses. There are also several female party members. Statues are a fairly dark grey and lack pupils/irises. Interestingly enough, although the clothes turn to stone along with the victim, their weapons do not.

Since victims can only be restored by other team members, if the entire team is petrified, the player receives a game over.


Lost Odyssey is a 2007/2008 turn-based JRPG only for the XBox 360. One status ailment in the game is petrification.

If one looks closely, they notice a slight animation error with petrified players. Normally, whenever someone is hit by an attack, everyone else looks at the monster and their head follows its movements. Also, the victim freezes in place when they turn to stone as one would expect. However, it's clear that the programmers forgot to disable the animation that causes the heads to follow enemy attacks, so the statues move their heads and still watch as other team members are attacked.


Video - Getting the team petrified by monsters

Video - Team is petrified by monster's touch

Video - Taunting the enemy results in team's petrification


Screenshots taken from the above video by GansekiKawaru.

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