In the movie, there is a girl named Glim that is made out of wax and she needs heat in order to move around, if it is night-time or anything that has something to do with no heat. She'll freeze, there are three scenes where that happens: One involves night-time at home with her father, but they thaw out due to the sunrise. Another where Glim freezes yet again due to her torch going out, she however does thaw out whenever Sohone, the sun guardian is around her. There's also one more where she gets frozen by the water, it lasts a good while until Mune, Sohone and Glim land around the Underworld. She finally thaws out for the last time because of her wax getting enhanced by the Underworld guardian.



Mune and Glim~Young and beautiful

Mune and Glim~Young and beautiful (Not exact petrification time)