Note: This show was translated and released as "Shinzo" in the USA.


A girl named Yakumo is turned to stone by a male gorgon-like monster named Gyasa. Gyasa uses his snake hair to deliver stone venom into the girl, who begins petrifying at the chest. The effect spreads outward, finishing at her face. The statue has a sort of stunned expression with one arm stretched outward and the other bent closer to her chest. The statue is light grey and alternates between having no pupils/iris and having them depending on the scene.


In episode 8, "Reptiles", Yakumo is kidnapped and turned to stone by Gyasa. Her statue is then thrown into a river. Throughout the course of the next few episodes, the statue goes from the river bed to sitting precariously on a cliff.


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"A great series of scenes with a very very VERY beautiful victim. The pose and statue look great, but the lack of consistency between scenes keeps it from being one of the best scenes." 4/5


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