Note: This show also goes by the name Mai-Otome Zwei


A shadowy woman-like figure fires petrifying rays out of her eyes at several girls, turning them to stone. One girl goes to a crater area to investigate when a statue falls from the sky. As the girl is trying to figure out what happened to the statue, the shadowy figure attacks her. The scene cuts to the girl, now standing stunned as a statue in the crater.

At least two more statues are created while fighting the figure. One of them is petrified mid attack and falls to the ground. Another is pinned against a wall by the petrifying blast and screams with an outstretched arm as her body hardens.

The statues have a very soft shading which makes them blend in more with the scenery than with normal human characters. Their irises have a basic outline but lack detail.


The four-episode series features several petrification scenes with a fairly decent number of victims. According to the fansub, the transformation is the by-product of the nanomachines inside the Otome hardening: "The nanomachines inside those Otome hardened. Though they show signs of life, their bodies are as hard as stone."


Review Score User
"Excellent scenes. A few more statue close-ups would have been nice though, and the manga scenes just seem better to me. Still really great though." 4/5


Other AdaptationsEdit

My-Otome Zwei (Manga)Edit

The manga is based on the anime and was released just a few months after the anime. As such, the scenes share many similarities but there are some slight differences. In the anime, the first statue falls from the sky but remains mostly intact. In the manga, the statue is found standing on the ground and is missing an arm. The 2nd statue we see has a different pose as well, with the anime going for a more helpless stunned look and the manga having a statue with a drawn sword. There's also scenes from each that are not in the other.