Note: This manga also goes by the name Mai-Otome Zwei


A several shadowy woman-like figures fire petrifying rays out of their eyes at several girls, turning them to stone. One girl goes to a crater area to investigate and finds a statue that's missing an arm. As the girl is trying to figure out what happened to the statue, the shadowy figure attacks her. Later, we see her statue in the same crater.

Another girl is held up in front of one of the shadowy figures as she slowly and helplessly turns to stone. Another is petrified while fighting off more of the shadowy figures.

The statues are drawn with many extra lines and subtle sharp edges to give them a natural stone look. The statues are iris/pupiless.


Review Score User
"Very very beautiful statues! The effect is a nice balance between looking like the victims and giving them natural stone-like edges. The attention to detail is amazing. One of the very best manga scenes." 5/5


Other AdaptationsEdit

My-Otome Zwei (Anime)Edit

The manga is based on the anime and was released just a few months after the anime. As such, the scenes share many similarities but there are some slight differences. In the anime, the first statue falls from the sky but remains mostly intact. In the manga, the statue is found standing on the ground and is missing an arm. The 2nd statue we see has a different pose as well, with the anime going for a more helpless stunned look and the manga having a statue with a drawn sword. There's also scenes from each that are not in the other.