The six main protagonist ponies - Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy -  get hit by Mane-iacs Hairspray Ray of Doom, a giant hairspray can which produces blasts of gas that instantly freeze the ponies in place.

The first blast of the Hairspray Ray hits the pegasus Rainbow Dash in mid-air, instantly stopping her motion and causing her to fall to the ground solidly. The first blast appears to stiffen her entirely (in the manner of a stiffening hair spray), to the point that even her eyes and expression are frozen.

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity rush forward to attack in response, but a long blast from the Hairspray Ray sweeps over all of them, freezing them all in mid run. Twilight Sparkle ends up unbalanced in this position and keels forward.

Fluttershy has been hiding, too afraid to face the Mane-iac, but while conversing with Spike, the Mane-iac sprays her with the Hairspray Ray from behind, catching her unaware and freezing her in a terrified expression.

The six ponies, now immobilised, are taken into the Mane-iac's lair by her henchmen. By now they have regained their facial mobility and can speak, but are still completely unable to move their limbs.

Inside the lair, they are placed in a cage. The Hairspray Ray is set up outside the cage with a henchman activating the Ray at timed intervals to keep them frozen in place. Twilight Sparkle manages to twitch a hoof very stiffly before the ray hits and she is frozen again.

Eventually Spike knocks out the guard, which lets them escape.


After getting sucked into a comic book, all the ponies get super powers, except Spike, and they have to defeat the villain of the comic book, the Mane-iac, in order to get back home. When trying to fight the Mane-iac, she immobilizes the "Power Ponies" with her "hairspray ray of doom". She leaves Spike behind, considering it pointless to use her spray on him. Spike watches helplessly as the Mane-iac and her henchponies take the Power Ponies prisoner. Spike sneaks into Mane-iacs factory and finds his friends still immobilized and inside a big cage. Each time the effect of the spray is starting to wear off, one of the henchponies sprays them again. After Spike manages to knock out the henchpony who controls the spray, the ponies manage to break free. Then, after finishing off the Mane-iac, they all are transported out of the comic book.