A building full of girls in towels and simple kimonos are turned to stone. Victims are all in various poses of trying to run away or escape from their attacker. Statues are a light grey with a few dots to give them a stone-like appearance.


In episode 21 of Negima!, Negi and friends must protect Konoka after she is stolen by a group that turns many others to stone.

Other AdaptationsEdit

Mahou Sensei Negima! (Manga) - Volume 6Edit

The original manga scene was later adapted into the anime, albeit with some differences. The anime version has Negi and friends find out about the attack on the temple from the chief first, and we see the statues of the girls 2nd. In the original manga, Asuna bumps into the outstretched hand of a statue and finds a room full of statues first. Negi also finds another room of statues first, and it's only after everyone meets again that they find the chief.

The manga version also has several coughing statues, indicating that smoke is the cause of the petrification. The anime version only has running/crawling statues. Finally, the anime version has statues in bath towels while everyone is in shrine maiden outfits in the manga.