The New Adventures of Ocean Girl is an Australian animated television series inspired by the 1994 series Ocean Girl.

Neri, Princess of Oceana, must protect crystals, and her enemy, Elgar use her ice attack all the time against she. As an typical old cartoon, Neri don't fight her enemies, so, she is an easy victim of Elgar and her supreme freeze power.

Episode 07Edit

In the final minute of this episode, Elgar freeze the heroine, and the episode ends with Neri defeated.

Episode 08Edit

Neri is completely frozen until the second half of this episode. To complete her humiliation, she could not recover the crystal. She breaks the ice in a meaningless way, only to proceed with the script... bad writer.

Episode 15Edit

Now she is in a cave searching for a crystal in a shell format. The situation the very similar: Neri got the crystal, Elgar found she and use her ice power. The princess stays frozen for a good time, and the villains wins the crystal again.

Episode 22Edit

Elgar become Queen, and Neri tries to convinces her to give back the crystal, and... of course its don't work.

Episode 23Edit

Sequel of the events. Neri stills on ice, of course.


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