• The heroine is ready to spend a super night.
  • Everything goes perfect in the party. Suddenly there's a noise out there.
  • The police is outside.
  • The impact of the hand move freezes everybody in their place.
  • Everybody is quiet.
  • What happened? Suddenly there's no noise.
  • Yep, no one's having a party . We don't have nothing to do here.
  • Close-up when a hot partygoer is paused in time. His features get stiff.
  • Another close-up of a male partygoer getting frozen in time
Expanding the line of fragances, Playboy releases one fragance dedicated to the female target. Playing the idea of being a super hero, herione in this case, the ad suggests the next hypotetical and random situations as part of an elegant reunion and how you (the hero) deals with them. One of these random situations put the heroine in the next one: the party is too loud and noisy that police came to finish with that. What would you do? Use your timestop powers to "save the party", no sound, no police.

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