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Noblelige! ( ノーブルリージュ!) is a all-age visual novel developed by mana and light novel publisher MF Bunko J. It was released in 2011.

Context Edit

A scenario on the game shown the main character, Lady Charlotte de Charpentier turned into a doll as an effect from a villain, Ningyouzukai (Puppetmaster)'s strings. She later reverted back to normal.

Another scenario also shown a supporting character, Sister Rosette being under control by the same strings. However, there isn't any detailed transformation apart from her empty lifeless eyes afterwards, which presumably means she also becomes a doll.

Lady Charlotte's transformation is also can be seen in the light novel version of the game, where she being shown lying on a bed as a doll with her empty eyes staring vacantly onto space. It differs to the visual novel CG's, where her eyes are closed.

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References Edit

Visual novel description referred from The Visual Novel Database.

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