The four main girls (Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko and Onpu) get turned into stone at the end of episode 22.  The petrification starts at their feet and slowly works up their bodies.  They had enough time to recognize what was happening to them, resulting in them all having surprised/scared expressions.  They're wearing their normal, non-magical girl outfits here.

Episode 23's pre-title sequence replays the exact scene from above.  In episode 23 proper their statues are in the same place and poses from before, but now have some nice texture they were missing in most the shots from the previous episode as well as a couple new angles.  Majo Rika finds the quartet and restores them. 

Midway through the episode Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko start chasing Oyajide, who then temporarily timestops them.  They get a simple grayscale effect to show this.  The three are wearing their normal Ojamajo outfits from the second season here, and are riding on their brooms when they get stopped.

At the final confrontation at the end of the episode Oyajide again turns all four of them to stone.  It's an instantaneous transformation this time, and they all have somewhat pained expressions.  Their statues are just simple gray with no sort of texture here.  They're wearing their new Royal Patraine outfits here, which allow them to break out of the petrification a few seconds later and finally rescue Hana. 

The way they break out kind of makes it look like it might actually be stone encasement, though the transformation sequences for both of their petrifications don't really seem to fit with that, so I'm not sure.


Oyajide has been tasked with abducting Hana (the baby the girls have to take care of for this season) because the Wizard World wants her for reasons that aren't revealed until the end of the season.  He finally succeeds in abducting her near the end of episode 22. 

The Ojamajos spend the rest of this two-parter trying to get her back, but keep getting literally stopped in their tracks by Oyajide's petrification and timestop magic.  This is, sadly, kind of unusual for this anime.  Normally the creators would probably have opted to use some funnier and more light-hearted magic to stop them, but this two-parter is one of the more serious moments of the show.  


Review Score User
One of my favorites.  It's rare to see the same cute girls get hit with ASFR this many times in so short a period.  The first petrification has a nice transformation sequence, and several different views of the statues.  My only complaint is that the statue quality kind of varies on some shots. Ulich
A good scene with a great statue effect. I am not that big of a fan of the art style, though. 3/5 StoneLad


Episode 22 ending

Majo Rika finds her immobilized apprentices

The Time Stop

Petrified again


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