One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is an action beat-em-up in the style of anime / manga series One Piece. Staying true to the powers and abilities of the series, it features characters that can inflict both a petrification and freeze status on players and NPCs.


There are four characters who can inflict freeze or petrification states. Hancock inflicts petrification, Monet and Aokiji inflict freeze, and Caesar inflicts a greyish freeze. Victims who are frozen will freeze in one determined pose each time, whereas victims who are petrified will be in one of four determined poses at random. The status ends when the victim is launched by an attack, or if about 12 seconds have passed.

Try It YourselfEdit

The best way to try the petrification or freeze effect multiple times in a single battle is to play through "Dream Log" and reach the island called "Battle of the Best!" Once you pick, you must join the men's team. The battle participants will be random every time you play this island, but if you keep playing it, you will eventually get Monet or Hancock as an enemy. It doesn't always happen, but in certain situations (especially if one of them is the final boss) they will use their hero power to start attacking the entire battlefield. You will see red circles show up all over the map in random places. Standing in the circle will petrify or freeze you depending on who is using their power. This continues forever until they are defeated. Please see video links below for examples.


Play As NPCs Edit

If you are on the PC version, there is a tool you can download that will allow you to play as NPC only characters by replacing Luffy. You can play as characters like Monet, Alvida, boss characters, and more. To do this, follow the video guide by clicking here.


Videos below from Game ASFR Youtube channel.

Petrification effect on Nico Robin

Freeze effect on Boa Hancock

Petrification of Nami

Petrification and Freeze effect on Tashigi

Petrification effect on Monet