Ash, Dawn & Brock get frozen by a Powder Snow-attack of a wild Snover. Ashs Chimchar manages to thaw them out.


While training its Grotle when suddenly a Powder Snow hurtles towards them. Everyone is flash-frozen in various poses of surprise, with the exception of Chimchar’s tail flame. Then, a Snover pops out from behind a bush and cautiously approaches. Snover investigates them, then breaks into a gleeful dance before noticing Chimchar’s still roaring tail flame. The flame melts and breaks free from the ice causing Snover to retreat in fear. Snover hides behind its bush, then peeks back to see Chimchar freshly thawed from the ice. Chimchar is a little dazed as it falls back, then it becomes fully aware when it sees the other's frozen condition. Chimchar uses Flamethrower to thaw and free the others. Confused on what had taken place, they decide to go.



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