Two scantily clad girls are turned to stone by either looking at or being hit by a laser fired out of a third girl's evil eye. The petrification spreads in a wave spreading from random spots across the body. The finished statues vary between having pupils and lacking them depending on how large each statue is in the frame. One of the statues is broken in half. The evil eye is used against the main heroine as well and turns some of her clothes and weapons to stone, but she removes the stone bits before the petrification wave can spread. The statues are restored in the end.


In the first chapter of the climax of Queen's Blade: Exiled Warrior, the heroine Leina and Melona face off against the reigning queen Aldra. Aldra reveals the true nature of her covered eye when the mechanism covering it opens and Melona begins to turn to stone upon seeing the eye. Once Melona is petrified, Aldra breaks the statue in half with one swipe of the sword.

Leina's sister Claudette arrives to help Leina defeat Queen Aldra, but when Leina is about to be hit by a laser from the evil eye, Claudette takes the blast for her sister despite their past quarrels. Claudette offers a few potentially last words of comfort and encouragement as the petrification wave wipes across her face and she becomes a stone statue.

In the final chapter, Leina uses her sister's sacrifice for her as motivation to fight Aldra harder than ever. Aldra keeps using eye beams from her evil eye and petrifies parts of Leina's clothing as well as her sword and shield. Leina quickly discards the petrified items before the wave can spread to her own body and defeats Aldra, thus restoring all of the statues.


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