Looks the Queen's Blade series is all about sexy bodies and statues. On season 2, chapter 5, my favorite woman in the series, Cattleya, very well knowed because she is a mom and have the biggest assets in the series (chest and booty) is frozen by Queen Aldra. Cattleya stays frozen until the end of the season, so I got all the moments of her frozen body from all episodes.

Aldra have a collection of frozen people defeated by she, or people that she fears can become a problem in the future. Her catch phrase is "To defy me, how foolish. Become a stone statue, and keep decorating the arena forever".

The problem here is, on manga version she turn the people into true concrete statues, here the statues are crystals. And the sad part is that story of the frozen Cattleya don't exist on manga version.



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