A girl was given her very own life-sized and a life-like doll branded "Really You". It is revealed later that the doll actually has its very own soul and eventually trading places with the girl.


The whole story is consisted of two episodes and are the first story of the series. In this episode, the girl named Lilly was given the doll which then named "Lilly D". Strange events later happened after that which shown that the doll is alive, and it is later confirmed by the doll-maker who says that the dolls actually have their own souls inside. Different is, for "Lilly D" that it doesn't want to be a doll.

It is later shown that "Lilly D" has traded places with Lilly. Several shots shows the transformation process on her arms, legs and eventually faces. Later in the episode, the trading is reversed back.


Video - linked straight to the trading process


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