The comic book is an adaptation of Rod Serling's script of the 1960 series of the same title, with the same storyline with the series.


Marsha is interested in a gold thimble being shown on display in a department store and planning to buy it, before finding herself stuck in a weird situation with the shop operator and the clerks. It is later revealed that she is actually a mannequin that was given chance to be a human, and now she had to return back to the mannequin form and let the others have their chance.

The latter scene shows that she accepted her fate and preparing to return back as a mannequin, while the others (including the shop operator and the clerks) who are actually mannequins, giving their wishes to the next mannequin who has her turn as a human next. The final panels shows Marsha, now a mannequin, standing on display.

Other AdaptationsEdit

The Twilight Zone (1960) - S01E34 - The After HoursEdit

The original TV adaptation where the comic adapted from with a similar storyline.

The Twilight Zone (1985) - S02E07 - The After HoursEdit

The newer TV adaptation produced in 1985, it also based on the 1960 episode albeit with several differences. In the newer adaptation, Marsha refused to acknowledge her existence as a mannequin and had to be forced back into her mannequin form to ensure the other mannequins will have their chances. Furthermore, the newer adaptation also have a transformation scene of Marsha into her mannequin form, a scene that wasn't available in both the original 1960 series and the comic adaptation.


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