ASFR Wiki RulesEdit

Before making additions to ASFR Wiki, please be sure to read and follow these rules. Changes to the rules will be announced on the front page. Failure to follow these rules may result in either a temporary or permanent ban from editing the wiki.

No Images of Nudity or PornographyEdit

While ASFR is most certainly a fetish, in order to ensure the wiki obeys the rules of Wikia and to avoid immediately offending certain viewers, images of nudity/pornography will not be allowed directly on the wiki. If you create an article for a scene which has nudity/pornography, please upload them away from ASFR Wiki and link to them in the article. Be sure to notify readers that the links have nudity by saying either "(Warning: Nudity)" or "(Warning: Explicit Content)" after the link.

Avoid Overly Graphic Descriptions of Explicit ScenesEdit

This relates to the first rule. If you are creating an article for a scene which contains something explicit (Sex, for example), avoid going into too much detail. You can say the characters have sex, but mentioning specific actions with the specific body parts involved go beyond what is allowed on Wikia.

Only Upload Relevant PicturesEdit

If you're uploading screenshots of a scene, be sure to upload only images which relate to the ASFR scene. If you need to upload an image of the victim prior to be transformed from an earlier scene in the show/movie/anime, please only upload one such image. Random images from the movie that are unrelated to the scene should not be uploaded.

Follow Proper FormattingEdit

Please be sure to use the layout outlined in the Example Page as a guide when creating new pages or making edits to existing pages.

Don't Create Articles With Only ImagesEdit

When you make an article, be sure to fill out at LEAST the description section before posting. Having a bunch of images with barely descriptive/non-existent captions is not enough information for creating an article.

Do Not Upload Images You Do Not Intend to Use in an Article or on Your ProfileEdit

This rule is meant to keep the wiki from getting bloated. Basically, only upload images right before or while you're creating an article. Don't upload tons of images and then do nothing with them.

Don't Edit the User Pages of Other UsersEdit

User pages such as User:StoneLad are pages where users can tell a little about themselves to their peers. As such, to avoid abuse, please do not edit the user pages of others. Do not confuse this with article pages made by that user, which are of course up for editing.

If you have any further questions on this matter, you may discuss them with either User:StoneLad or User:Asfr11 or at our discussion thread on Medusa Project Online