1975 BRITISH SCI FI SERIES FROM 1975-77 where the moon is blown out of earth orbit due to a nuclear explosion and 311 inhabiants of MOONBASE ALPHA led by JOHN KOENIG [MARTIN LANDAU] HELENA RUSSELL[BARBARA BAIN] AND VICTOR BERGMAN [BARRY MORSE] look for a new home to settle on facing against dangers in outer space.

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FORCE OF LIFE an first season episode has an alien being looking a like bluish ball of energy invading the base and it possesses a nuclear technician [IAN MCSHANE] and it seeks out sources of heat killing two members of the base.KOENIG and company try to stop finally cornering it in a nuclear reactor where it absorbs the radiation and heat then flies back into space reverting to its former self killing the unfortunate MCSHANE..
Space1999 Year1 Title

opening title


the alien approaches the base

Space 1999

what is it..


it enters the base and possesses a crewman


its needs heat..

Victim 1 2

so its drains the heat from a crewman


killing him

No escape

she is next

Victim 2

and she becomes a babesicle


i need more heat..


meanwhile eva tries to come to terms with his transformation


they try to stop him..


but fail as he enters reactor 3


the alien has it fill then leaves leaving the now burnt out body of the techincian

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