Issue 60 of the comic book published by DC COMICS

LOIS AND LANA are as usual cpmpeting for the man of steel and its getting on his nerves as he shows them his fortress of solitude he answers a call and leaves only to return and find them in his experimental deep freeze machine set for 5000 years in the future he goes thru time only to find the machine has a fatal flaw as they become brittle and go to pieces.Later he spots the duo in KANDOR in order to teach him a lesson the kandorians make duplicates of them and place them in the machine and the man of steel learns his lesson not to take them lightly
Lois Lane 60
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lois and lana vie for him

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but it backfires enraging supes

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they fly to his fortress of solitude

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opening the door

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he goes on patrol

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only to find them in deep freeze

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with a goodbye note

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he flies into the future

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but the machine has a flaw it makes them fragile

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later he spots them in kandor and realize he has been had

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duplicates were made to fool supes

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supes learns his lesson never take them for granted

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