Sabrinas best friend Nicole is turned into stone. She is later freed by the witch queen Enchantra.


Sabrina and Nicole are both half-witches, so seek the wish-granting wisdom tree in the witches' realm to become full witches. Eventually they find it, and Sabrina steps forward first to make her wish and asks to be a full witch. Her wish is granted; by taking Nicole's half-witch powers. This makes Nicole a mortal and consequently turns her to stone since a mortal can't be in the witches' realm. Sabrina asks the tree to change her back, but it can't. She also tries to turn her back herself, but she doesn't have the power to do it. Then the tree tells her that only a certain amulet can help her. After finding the amulet, Sabrina finds out that it doesn't work. Distraught, she is about to turn herself into stone when she is stopped by Enchantra, who is touched by her unselfish action and breaks the spell on Nicole, returning both girls to half-witches in the process.